hello!!!! so i want to share some books which totally transformed my life .so i hope this article helps you and all the books that i mention change your life .even i experienced bad 5 years of my life ,,family issues , break up confusion to choose courier, unhealthy life style and all this i was able to deal out by reading this books .And guys don't worry just go with the flow pick any book from the list its just like picking up genie in the bottle .I am still not completely perfect but i am not that lazy messed up girl i used to be this books surely helped me out ...

1 book to read in confusion and negative situation in over thinking
- the secret ,the magic by Rhonda Byrne

2 family issues , dealing with grief , want to forgive, guilty in your heart
- you can heal your life by Lousie hay
- The power of subconscious mind Joseph Murphy
- Waking up in winter Cheryl Richardson
-what i know for sure Oprah Winfrey

3 procrastination and feeling confused
-the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins
-The power of habit by Charles Duhigg
- the subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson

4 Weight loss health lifestyle
- 8 minutes in the morning by Jorge cruise
-the sugar smart diet by Anne Alexander

this books are good investment for your future and to bring positive change you want to see .. i pray you all get what you want ...love you all
thank you for reading it means a lot to me .