just a few things of things you should have in your bag!! love ya.

the bag!

these are some of the bags I love the most :)

bag, fashion, and chanel image bag, fashion, and black image Louis Vuitton, bag, and luxury image bag, tom ford, and fashion image



it's a necessity when you're not at home.

iphone, apple, and pink image Image by dm


why listen to people if you can listen to music?

rainbow, music, and white image aesthetic and white image


always make sure that you have packed some perfumes, 'cause why not smell good?

luxury, perfume, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beauty, and chanel image

chewing gum/mints

for a fresh breath!

aesthetic, mint green, and mints image Image by Victoria


hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

water, grunge, and tumblr image plants, water, and aesthetic image


just in case you get hungry, something to eat

Cookies, food, and chocolate image bakery, breakfast, and food image

hand sanitizer

it's helpful to keep some on you and use it before eating.

fall, autumn, and pumpkin image girly and pink image

pen & pencil

always useful

black, pencils, and pens image white, pencil, and aesthetic image


if you feel inspired, or you just want to write or draw.

diary and journal image bullet, diary, and journal image


lmao of course you ALWAYS need some money

Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee money, tumblr, and nails image

portable charger

why bring the phone if it is not charged?

pineapple, portable charger, and sonix figure image anker, portable charger, and power bank image


extra entertainment in case you get bored! :)

book, aesthetic, and black image Image by Maqafa

medication/pain killers

for nausea, for headaches, stomach ache etc...

pills, aesthetic, and dark image pink, pills, and grunge image

hair ties!

just in case i have to tie my hair, especially on hot days.

girl, tie, and lazo image aesthetic, bun, and black image

lip balm

to always have in your bag!

balm, blue, and eos image fashion, pink, and lipbalm image

hand cream

for dry hands! & they normally smell good

beauty, green, and orange image hammam, musk, and skin care image


fashion, style, and stylish image sunglasses, beach, and summer image

period things

periods suck! it's better to always have them in your bag, you never know...

always, variety, and menstrual cycle image period and tampons image

and that's it! hope you liked
- eva