Hello guys ! So, one of my friend just told me that ME STANNING BTS IS SO COMMON. Okay, guys, I don't wanna brag about it but no, I'm not a new ARMY nor do I join them half of the year later. I've been a fan since No More Dream era. Yes, I'm kinda old compared to my other friends, but that doesn't mean that I am better than them, okay. Being an old ARMY does not mean you can judge the new ARMY. It depends on how matured someone can be when supporting a group. Strictly, I do not like fanwar, well I guess no one does. So, I don't backup any ARMY who started the fanwar, who condemned others and who insulted others and disrespected others. But, that does not mean I will only watch people insulting my boys but I would never approach them in a harsh way. I wanted to do the list instead of writing but I think, listing wouldn't be enough.

So, BTS has changed my life a little. What I'm tryna say is that they influenced me in some ways I could never think of. I started listening to KPOP when I was 9 years old. So young right ? I know but yeorobunnn, I watched KDRAMA when I was seven and I was so interested with the OST and I watched it again at nine years old and already into KPOP. Back then, KPOP wasn't a thing in my country, in fact, there were so little amount of Kpop stans. My first ever group was Suju and Shinee an then there is Big Bang being the icon of Kpop. So, unlike my friends, I've seen so many groups debuting throughout the year. There was Infinite, Apink, Sistar, Miss A, ZE:A, Block B and a lot of it. I knew so many group. But, none of the group really caught my whole heart. I would change from one group to another. Then, I found EXO and VIXX at the same time, and I like both. Yall, never in my life have I ever vote for a group. When BTS debuted, I couldn't restrain myself to dance around whenever their songs came in lol. I love them just like the others. Then, there is N.O which totally swallowed my heart lol. I watched their videos, discover their Youtube channel and twitter account. I followed their fan accounts and I started voting for them in any events.

Guys, when I memorize a song lyrics, I will study the song. Read the Romanization, understand the lyrics and feel it. When I read BTS' songs, there was this weird sensation like my heart was beating hard. As time goes on, I was impressed with their strong bond and the way the appreciate ARMY. They sound so sincere. They always try to reach us and stay connected with us through social medias, unlike groups where you only get to see them when they do a comeback. Their songs reached me. It's like, the songs were made for me. Everything that I was unable to speak out loud were delivered through the songs and it went deep inside me.

I would listen to their songs over and over again. Read the lyrics and thinking about how accurate was their lyrics in reality. If it wasn't because of them, I would live in a complete darkness. Their existence somehow light up my world. Their music reached me in any ways. We are so near yet so far. I wanted to write more, but I've got some work to be done today.

To my friend, ME STANNING BANGTAN IS SO COMMON ? Hell yeah, girl. I sacrificed my time for these men for the whole years since 2013 and I never regretted not even once. Your rotten mouth don't deserve to speak about bangtan. It wasn't an insult but you pissed me off bitch. I'm still standing strong enough to face other people thanks to my boys, their songs reached me. Your existence don't. You may be a friend but don't ever talk bad about my boys. I wasn't into them like a day ago, I'm an Army since day one and counting. I don't need to accept any opinion from people like you. So get the fuck off.