Just a helpful note before reading this I LOVE BEING A FANGIRL it's amazing and fun and I love it this article is me joking around! None of these even compare to how great fangirling is and how much i love it THIS IS MY WARNING...so yea...have fun my doods:)

lets begin with this...it takes a lot of fucking work, I'm not gonna complain about it cause i love the work, it makes me happy! But if you're new to this line of work, its hard and it takes a lot. you need to be willing to make sacrifices from out of nowhere. preordering/pre saving albums, wanting every piece of merch even though you 100% can NOT afford it. applying for 10 jobs as a freshman in high school so that you can then afford said merch, and thats only the beginning.

Don't even get me started on stanning someone or something, stanning someone takes so much effort, again totally worth it, but I can't tell you how many fights I've gotten into with friends over things I stan, because when I stan it...I STAN IT.

Allow mw to tell you a breif story. my friend, we will call her...Gemma, texts me and says and I quote "you're gonna be distracted on my birthdayD:" and attached to that text is the picture that the perfect boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer posted announcing that their new album 'Young Blood' will be dropping on June 22nd. So even my friends know what it means.

Being a full time fangirl ranges with lots of emotion as well. there is a LOT of crying done. For example, I was in the car with my mom yesterday when "Tides" by Jack and Jack came on and I started to cry in the middle of the song. This tends to happen to me on a weekly basis, luckily I have a very understanding family and many close friends that accept my fangirling and love me for it so its okay when this happens with them but there have been several encounters with utter strangers and I just had to walk away surrounded by embarrassment...

Let's get into the good stuff now....HeARtBrEaK!!!! Just as a warning WHOMEVER YOU FANGIRL OVER WILL BREAK YOUR HEART, SOUL, AND DREAMS AT SOME POINT! it will happen, it is inevitable, but the plus side is that you love them so much that its okay at this point, thats why you fangirl over them. but needless to say, your heart will be shattered over and over and over and over again...but they will figuratively pick it up for you and mend it back together is in the end its totally worth it. another example is when / if the fandom ends or breaks up, it will kill you, I remember the day that old magcon ended and i remember I sobbed forever and my mom thought I was gonna die from dehydration cause I was crying out all my bodys water. but do I still stan all of those lovely boys (Carter, the Jacks, Cam, Nashty, Matt, Hayes, Taylor, Aaron, Shawn) HELL YES I DO! and I still cherish ever memory I have of old magcon!

It will become some sort of distraction, weather it is in a good or bad way this will become a distraction, for me it is both wonderful and horrible because as I write this I am supposed to be doing an english project that is due in half an hour and I'm nowhere near done! but again 100% worth it in my very professional opinion.

-Ariela xx
Just so you are all aware THIS IS ENTIRELY A JOKE I love being a fangirl and yes these are some small cons they do not even come close to comparing to how AMAZING the pro's are. also I've given up on grammar so I'm not going to edit this and there will be A LOT of mistakes ;) you're welcome.