This month starts spring and finally, the heat is outside. Actually I love spring. Everything is blooming, warm and new. You know I love Danielle Campbell, my profile photo says everything about it. And recently i saw a video where Danielle Campbell and Charles Michael Davis were dancing on song Bye bye bye from *NSYNC. Lately I was listening this 24/7 so It was my fav song! I saw a movie F the prom where was Madelaine Petsch aka Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale. It was amazing even if Danielle Campbell was a little bit negative character.

Image removed danielle campbell and madelaine petsch image

A lot of singers released new albums/songs and Shawn Mendes too. In my blood is really great song. I also like Lost in Japan but not so much.
In February I bought a book To Kill a Mockingbird and I hope to read it soon enough to say my point of view.

At the beginning of the month I saw a series Victorious, it's such a break. Now I am watching Life sentence, American housewife and Switched at birth. All of these series are amazing! You should to see it.

I hope see you in following article and have a nice day!
Love, Nela H.