I was never a couch potato until I've started watching series, Netflix is on for every second of my free time. And for shows that are not available on it, I just rent or buy it online. Yes, I'm that addicted. So here's a list of Tv shows I thought were so entertaining. Watch on!

1. Once Upon a Time

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Imagine your favorite fairytales coming to life with magic, added characters and love.

2. Friends

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One can never be bored or not laughing with this group of friends, unless it's the finale, then tears are expected. This show can be found on Netflix.

3. Gossip Girl

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Limos, brunches, designer clothes,romances and friendships all fall under the power of gossip. This show leaves an impact of quotes and goals for a lifetime. Also found on Netflix. xoxo, GG

4. Pretty Little Liars

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A mystery with romances and friendships, this show takes drama to a whole new level with plot twists every step of the way. - A

5. Gilmore Girls

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A realistic show that adds comedy to the drama, making it so hard to let go of it. Funny characters, class distinction and milestones. Make sure to check out Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life afterwards. Available on Netflix!

That's all for now, more to come next month!

Much love,