Hi, I'm Karina Chen. My b-day is on April 16th and I was born in Costa Rica which is not an island but it is Central America between Nicaragua and Panama.

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1. I am an Aries.

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2. I am very sarcastic.

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3. I love to listen to any genre of music

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4. I love to watch Netflix. (who doesn't)
You can go and which are my favorite shows.

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5. My favorite color is blue.

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6. My favorite food are tacos. (but i like everything except hot dogs)

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7. I can speak Cantonese, English (duh!), Spanish, and little bit of French and Mandarin.
Cantonese and Mandarin is not the same

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8. I'm brutally honest.

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9. I love boxing, running and soccer.

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10. I love to write, but specially poems.

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11. I love makeup, although you are beautiful just they way you are.

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12. I love smoothies and tea.

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13. I love to spend time by myself (yes, introvert here.)

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14. I rather be in the mountains than the beach although is nice too.

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15. Last of all, I love Juanpa Zurita.

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