Hello everyone I'm really sorry but I was really busy, so I made a really long article (it tooks me three fucking days !!!)

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❀ Coffee or Tea ❀

chocolate, drink, and food image Temporarily removed
None Hot Chocolate 'til 90 older me start Tea

❀ Black and white or Color ❀

fruit, food, and healthy image flowers, pink, and bright image
Color, because life is already too much white or black

❀ Drawings or Paintings ❀

art, beach, and painting image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Drawing is really beautiful but Painting is like an ultimate goal

❀ Dresses or Skirts ❀

Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ fashion, dress, and style image
Dresses 100%

❀ Books or Movies ❀

Temporarily removed book image

❀ Chinese or Italian food ❀

Temporarily removed food and ramen image
Sorry to all my Italian fellas but Chinese or Japanese food is my guilty pleasure

❀ Chocolate or Vanilla ❀

Image by شروق بلآونه dessert image
Damn Chocolate is so sexual

❀ Hugs or Kisses ❀

birthday, friendship, and hugs image adorable, beautiful, and boyfriend image
Kisses are good but a real Hug is everything

❀ Winter or Summer ❀

Image by S sea, beach, and sky image
This year summer, because this winter is taking too long to finish

❀ Spring or Autumn ❀

fall, fallen leaves, and autumn image autumn, tree, and forest image
Autumn color's are the best

❀ Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings ❀

Image removed Image removed
Both, I can't choose

❀ Cake or Pie ❀

chocolate, food, and cake image cake, drink, and food image

❀ Ice cream or Yogurt ❀

food, ice cream, and fruit image food, sweet, and chocolate image
Ice cream is so polyvalent

❀ Boots or Sandals ❀

Temporarily removed shoes, fashion, and style image
How pretty

❀ Silver or Gold ❀

Image removed Image removed
Silver is way prettier I think

❀ Wine or Beer ❀

beer image beer and bud light image
Your girl is a beer girl since day 1

❀ Freckles or Dimples ❀

Image by Fernanda Rodrigues Temporarily removed
Both are cute but I have a dimple so I wish I had freckles

❀ Facial Hair or Clean Shave ❀

tyler hoechlin, derek hale, and teen wolf image Image removed
MAn I love my man with a beard

❀ Fruits or Vegetables ❀

food, healthy, and delicious image Mature image
How sexy are vegetables

❀ Dark Chocolate or White ❀

Temporarily removed food, oreo, and chocolate image
Dark, probably like 95% of people

❀ Tattoos or Piercings ❀

background, alternative, and easter image tattoo, brave, and be brave image

❀ Cats or Dogs ❀

dog, animal, and puppy image animal, dog, and cute image
Is that even a choice

❀ Fair or Theme Park ❀

Temporarily removed 3d, carousel, and iphone image

❀ Snakes or Sharks ❀

sharks and sea image amazing, bahamas, and travel image
Both are phobies !! How can you sWIM WITH FUCKING SHARKS EVERYWHERE !!

❀ Sunrise or Sunset ❀

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed

❀ Glasses or Contacts ❀

Image by Zeynep Temporarily removed
Glasses all the time

❀ Long Hair or Short Hair ❀

bob, dip dye, and highlights image hair and hairstyle image

So now goodnight, message me if you need or if you wanna give me your opinions ❤❤❤

Love y'all, kisses.