I would rather be at Coachella! 🌵🎡 🎶
Coachella isn't just a festival, it's a vibe. Coachella became a huge fashion trend throughout the years and has developed its own unique style. Here are some outfit ideas and some tips to survive through festival season.
❁ LOOK #1
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Dress | Combat Boots | Straw Bag | Fedora Hat
The contrast between combat boots and a girly dress is a look, you feel me?
  • A hat and sunglasses are a must if you are going to a festival!
  • If you are going to Coachella you will definitely need a bandana for crossing the desert area. You can use it to accessorize your bag or on your hair later.
❁ LOOK #2
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Denim Jacket | Bralette | Shorts | Statement Necklace | Chain Belt | Sneakers | Backpack
With the right accessories you can transform any basic outfit into a LOOK!
  • Since you will be there the whole day, don't forget to bring your sunscreen.
  • Go for a more natural face base such as a bb cream. It will be really hot so you don't want your makeup to start melting from your face. Create a dramatic eye-makeup instead or add glitter and stickers to complete the look!
❁ LOOK #3
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Midi Skirt | Top | Gold Accessories | Boots | Bandana
You can't go wrong with a classic bohemian look. Heavy gold accessories are the key!
  • Get a cardigan, a denim jacket or a blouse with you. It can be really chill and windy at night!
  • Flats are the go-to shoes for festivals. Preferably boots or sneakers, you will be walking and dancing the whole day so wear something comfy. Get some bandages with you in case you need them.
❁ LOOK #4
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See-through Dress | Swimsuit | Rings | Boots
A mermaid born in the desert!
  • If you are gonna make a hairstyle use cute hair elastics and pins. Hair accessories can add so much to your look.
  • As you can already tell, you will have to bring a tone of things with you. A backpack is an ideal bag for festivals!

That's all for this article! I hope that you got some inspiration. I went to a music festival 2 years ago and I was totally unprepared so these tips come from my personal experience. Feel free to message me or send me a postcard. See ya soon xixixi

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