Being a blogger is a real job nowadays and it is not easy to do. It requires hard work and dedication but also a lot of effort and work behind photos and posts you share.
Here are some tips and tricks to be a better blogger:

Choose a theme

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Choose the theme for your Blog, whether is fashion, makeup, fitness, lifestyle, travel etc.

Stay loyal to your theme

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Don't mix too many things or it would be confusing

Create a nice feed (if you're an IG blogger)

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Focus on a color and try creative ways to enhance it.

Use filters to your pics

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Filters are lifesavers. They can make a photo brighter, darker, or fun.

Be original

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Do not copy posts, write only what you think and feel. Be truthful.

Don't expect fame

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As I wrote before, being a blogger is not easy. Followers don't appear from one moment to another, it takes time.