Age~ 13
Biggest fear~ not to be too specific but being strangled....
Current time~ 10:47
Drink you last had~ water

water, grunge, and blk image

Easiest person to talk to~ my friends
Favourite song~ bellyache or my boy from Billie eilish
Grossest memorie~ can't remember
Hometown~ Crawley (pls don't come kidnap me😂)
In love with~ idk food
Jealous of~ people who aren't aesthetically confused
Killed someone?~ Noooo
Last time you cried~ u will never know.....
Middle name~ Michelle
Number of siblings~ 1
One wish~ to have more moneyyyy
Person you last called~ my friend
Question you're always asked~ why are you so tall?

Image by Paulina
I wish😂

Reasons to smile~ because you can
Song you last sang~ colours -halsey
Time you woke up~ 9:00
Underwear colour~ ummmmm
Vacations~ spainnn
Worst habit~ picking my spots (sos😂)
Xrays you've had~ none
Your favourite food~ raspberries
Zodiac sign~ Sagittarius

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