hii ♡ this is my first time doing monthly favorites, and i try new stuff in march so wanted to share it ♡


wearing dresses

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i've never been the dresses type of girl, but in march i wore them so many times, it's easy to put on and makes you look really feminine and cute

Tiny Tops:

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i don't if it's because it's so hot right now where I live, but i've been loving wearing a lot of cute crop tops lately!


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i finally have a skincare routine, and my skin it's been so much better!

Glossy lips

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also, never a fan of lipsticks or anything in my lips, i always felt like it didn't suit me, but i stared wearing a nude-ish peachy color and i really like it

Dr Martens boots

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i always love them so much and i stopped wearing them and now they're kinda trending so i'm really happy about it


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kinda random but i just got so obsessed with chocolate this month, i eat almost everyday


- Psycho - Post Malone
- Sally - Thundamentas ft Mataya
- Let Me Go - Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso Ft. Florida Georgia Line, WATT

TV & Movie:

- obsessed with Seinfeld
- The Office
- i watched Game Over, Man on Netflix and it's really silly but i really liked it

and that's it for the month of march

My spring lookbook: