“Call me a villainess.”
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Eclipsa is a former ruler of the Kingdom of Mewni. She become a Queen at a young age after the losing of her mom.

Eclipsa has slightly pale skin, poofy teal hair, mauve eyes, spade-shaped marks on her cheeks and maroon-colored lipstick. She wears a long, dark purple Gothic-themed dress and a white cravat with a crescent moon on it, a large black sun hat and long mauve gloves. Underneath her gloves, her hands are dark purple with dark veins sprouting out on her arms. She also loves roses and chocolate.

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Her spells are associated with dark magic and were recorded in the pages of the wand's Magic Instruction Book. Her entire chapter was sealed behind a skull-shaped lock.

“All knowledge is good knowledge.”
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“Forbidden? Is that what they're calling my chapter?”

Her magic wand is a parasol.

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The Darkest Spell

"I call the darkness unto me from deepest depths of earth and sea from ancient evils Unawoken break the one that who can't be broken from blackest night I pledge my soul i crush my heart to burning coal To summon forth a deathly power to see My hated foe devoured"
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Midnight Shriek ; Black Velvet Inferno.

Eclipsa was wed to the Mewman king Shastacan, but she took a monster named Globgor as her lover and ran away with him.

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With her lover monster, she had a girl named Meteora.

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“I LOVE YOU!… I know you haven't heard these words in a very long time. But I'm saying them again to you now. Please Meteora, come back to me“

She was trap in a crystal prison for three centuries because of her darkness, and abandoning her own kingdom and her husband, King Shastacan, for a monster, before to be released for a deal.

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Eclipsa is portrayed as calm, approachable, and sympathetic despite her reputation as a queen of evil. She bears no ill will towards her jailers, despite her long time in crystal captivity, and displays a carefree, fun-loving attitude.

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“Eclipsa Queen of Mewni to a Mewman King was wed, but took a monster for her love, and away from Mewni fled.”

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