oh, hi. this seems to be fun so let's start!

1. pink or blue?

art, flowers, and van gogh image peach, aesthetic, and peachy image
now i will choose pink, but normally is blue. lol.

2. long or short hair?

article, style, and outfit image girl, hair, and beauty image
short hair. even if mine is kinda long i think that short hair looks so cute and i love it.

3. leggins or jeans?

black and white, jumper, and leggins image Temporarily removed
i dont like leggins but i love jeans so much.

4. hot tub or pool?

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pool, but private pool.

5. hot or cold?

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it depends. weather i prefer hot when it's cold, but i really love ice cream, lmao.

6. alone or group?

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alone. i like to hang, but as an introvert i feel more comfortable on my own.

7. instagram or snapchat?

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instagram. i actually will choose twitter or whi, but i choose instagram because i dont even use snapchat.

8. Pizza or tacos?

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so byee sweethearts.