i don't know where to start.
well, let's go.
my first love was an internet love. yes, i met him on internet. we talked for like 1 months before we met. i really loved him. he was so kind, always here for me and everything. and he was fucking funny.
anyway, we decided to see each other. no one, not even my family, knew that i saw him.
the day, i was so stressed. i was dressed like all the day : sweat shirt, jeans and sneakers. my hair were in a pony tail. i was make up perfectly.
we weren't together when we met.
so, i left my house to go where we decided to saw each other.
when i arrives, he was there. fuck, he was more than beautiful than in photos. i hugged him so hard. he smelled so good. that was perfect.
then, we went at a square and we talked. all the afternoon.
and that was the moment for him to left. we hugged again and then, he looked at me.

my heart exploded. i had never feel that before. my all body was shaking. he kissed me on the neck.
fuck, that was good.
he came with me at my rendez-vous and he kissed me again, again and again.
he told "i'm gonna miss you". i smiled.
and he left.
and like Hazel Grace Lancaster, "i fell in love as we fall asleep. first slowly, then suddenly."
i was in love.

thanks for reading.
i love you.