This is based on a personal insight I gained today during one of my "lows".

As mentioned today I felt depressed. I don't know where it came from. Although my day was really nice until then the feeling was suddenly there. I tried to think about where it could came from and why I felt the way I do but there was no good reason. As I analyzed my feeling more and more I recognized the same depressed emotion I had when I had felt lonely. But now that I know that loneliness is definitely a feeling caused only in my head I couldn't see why I was feeling it suddenly. ( I thought I had already overcame it.)

Well, okay, there it was. But I think it is also important to allow yourself to feel unhappy or depressed or whatever. You can't always be 100% happy everytime and that's totally fine. Everyone has his or her emotionally bad times.

Just don't lose yourself in it. Know that it's temporary and do really not generalize the feeling (e.g. "I am so lonely, I will always be lonely, it will never get better!" Please, don't do that. It will for sure impede your way to feeling better.)

But what is important is that you now how to step out of this hole and how to lighten up your mind again. How to bring yourself joy and feel better again.

There are so many ways you can do. And everyone's different, so you have to find the ones that fit best for yourself. A good advice is to watch some Youtuber ( everyone feels depressed now and then so there are many videos about how to get rid of bad thougts and negative feelings) and see what they did to feel better. Then simply try these things out and see what is best for you.

What I personally tried was meditating (I do a lot of it recently and it's great), cleaning up the mess in my room and then writing down all of my thoughts. And after that, it was like magic, I felt really, really good again! I actually had to smile because I was so content and happy.

So please, go and find out what brings you personally out of a depressed mode and makes you happy again. Once you know that bad moods are so much easier to overcome and won't last long the next time!