Hello there! I'm back with this new challenge, it looks very funny and I really want to see what's going to throw me my playlist on shuffle, because my musical taste it's very... varied, yeah, I think that "varied" is the best way to say it xD

1. The song that describes how you will die

heartless and feeling every sunset image
Heartless- Feeling Every Sunset

Ok... will I die like a heart breaker or with the heart broken :/

2. The song that describes your love life

Lyrics, maroon 5, and one more night image
One More Night- Maroon 5

If I was Abby Abernathy and this was Beautiful Disaster, it would be perfect

3. The song that will be played on your wedding day

wedding, love, and couple image ed sheeran, ed, and singer image
One- Ed Sheeran

Oh dammit, any song of this guy it's perfect for a weeding <3

4. Add 'in my pants' at the end of this song's title

Temporarily removed
Don't- Ed Sheeran

...Don't in my pants? Don't in my pants what? xD

5. The song that will play at your funeral

music, devil in me, and jamie n commons image
Rumble and Sway- Jamie N Commons

Well, nobody will can say that my funeral didn't have funny music to dance...

6. Add 'with a shovel and a screwdriver' at the end of this song's title

couple, love, and hug image beauty, music, and singing image
L.O.V.E.- Michael Buble

LOVE whit a shovel and a screwdiver .____.

7. The song that describes your week

Image by ❤❤❤
Ready for it?- Taylor Swift

Meh, I can not complain about this, it's a poweful song :D

8. This song is your theme song

cancion, english, and life image
It's my Life- Bon Jovi


9. This song plays when you think of someone you love

boy, fall, and legend image andy, fall out boy, and FOB image
Centuries- Fall Out Boy

Wait... what?

10. The song that will play when you miss someone

Image removed
Just Dance- Lady Gaga

Awww it remembers me to my friends, a meeting just after the graduation, a lot of fast food an Just Dance on the Xbox
(Who needs a school dance?

That's all for now
Adios! <3