Hey Hearters, this article is about how I get ready for school. I know I know school sucks and nothing will change that but I promise that having a solid routine makes you feel a lot better in the morning.

5:45: Wake Up
I always try to get up early in the morning so that I don’t feel rushed. I normally get up between 5:30 and 5:45 and the first thing I do is make my bed believe it or not and I also do a little stretching.

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5:50: Bathroom Time
I usually shower at night so I can let my hair dry overnight but on days when I don’t need to wash my hair I take a short 5-10 minute shower. During this time I wash my body with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle body wash and wash my face with my Glytone acne face wash.

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5:55: Breakfast
Next thing I do is make myself breakfast. I usually eat oatmeal with some fruit and a cup of Twinning’s Christmas tea. I eat my food while I am doing my makeup.

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6:00: Makeup and Hair
Now it’s time for makeup which is my favorite part. I normally wear a full face of makeup to school and I like to wear my hair down. Sometimes I straighten it and sometimes I leave it wavy, which is my natural hair texture.

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6:30: Get Dressed
Next I get dressed. I try to pick out my outfit the night before but sometimes I have to much homework. It’s really cold where I live so I tend to wear layers. A typically outfit for me is: Skinny jeans, a cute top, a scarf, boots, and some jewelry.

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6:45: Teeth
Lastly, I brush my teeth and check to make sure my makeup is perfect. I also check my bag to see if I’m forgetting anything. I also spray on some perfume and apply deodorant.

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6:55: Leave for School
I leave my house pretty early. I get to school by 7, I drive myself. Class doesn’t start until 7:45 but I always have homework to finish in the mornings.

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♡Thanks for reading♡