Hello lovely people! I hope you guys are all doing wonderful :) and enjoying your weekend. Today I wanted to write an article participating in the Imperfection tag. I have seen this go around on here quite a few times <3

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Alright, let's do this!

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♥ What is your definition of perfect?

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Perfection to me is genuinely accepting that all of us have flaws. Neither of us are perfect in the slightest.We are all human, and we are flawed and that is just beautiful honestly. It's also learning that sometimes are expectations don't always turn out to be what we want them to be. But rather learning to go with the flow of life and adapting to the cards you have been dealt, and dealing with them in the best way you can. Because perfection, does not exist.

♥ Do You Fear Perfection?

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Honestly yes I do fear perfection. It's like when you have it in your mind to do something you want it to come out perfectly. And when it doesn't you just feel like you've failed in some way. Sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. At least not all the time.

♥ How Would You Imagine A Perfect World?

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Even though it is a long shot and this will never happen, a perfect world would be filled with so much kindness, love, and compassion. Everyone would just set their differences aside and lend a helping hand to one another. A world where violence is no longer a problem.. where love would overpower hate.

♥ Are You A Perfectionist?

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Not really at all. Ideally it would be nice if things went smoothly without any kind of chaos. So I just learned that not everything is in my control and still learning to just go with the flow. Because whatever is meant to be, will be.

♥ Describe A Moment When Nothing Went As planned?

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After my first year of college, I tried to develop a system so that things would be a little easier and my grades would be a much better improvement. But I quickly realized that none of what I tried to plan for was going to work. When all I wanted to do was just try to create a little more motivation and positivity,

♥ What is One Imperfection You Think You Have?

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Like the creator of this tag, I too think my imperfection is my shyness. I am not good at starting conversations..even if I wanted to. Making friends is not easy because I am too afraid. At school or just out in public in general social anxiety just takes over every inch of my body.

♥ What Is One Feature You Love About Yourself?

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For this I will say just being in tune with my creative side. I am always wanting to do or make something. My mind is constantly providing many wonderful ideas that I'd like to see physically.

♥ Your Thoughts on Perfection?

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Perfection is poison. It just creates unwanted feelings of negativity and sadness. When you become obsessed with achieving perfection it can be toxic to the point where it gets rather unhealthy. That's why you need to give yourself credit for simply trying and trying again. And not giving up. Then realize that all of life's best moment happen out of imperfection.

♥ When Do You Feel Perfect?

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When I am with those who love me. Those who really know me and get me. Because they are the ones who see me at my worst and know of all my flaws and still believe the good in me.

♥ How Do you Accept Imperfection?

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Realizing that failure is just a part of life. Everyone has failed along the way to reaching their dreams. This is actually a good thing because you learn the most important life lessons through imperfections. We will never be perfect. I will never be perfect and that's okay. Because perfection doesn't exist.

Bye guys! See you next time :)