Love is a very huge word. Huge word. And we all know what «love» is, but it can still be very hard to understand. So.. we have several types of situations:

We have that kind where you see someone and you fall in love with them right away because they are very beautiful. What is hard to realize is that their personality type doesn’t necessarily fit yours. So take your time and think about what’s best for you and how he/she makes you feel in the long term.

Sometimes it is confusing to know if you love him/her as a friend or more... those types of love situations I will say is the hardest, because you really can’t tell.. If this is you, then go straight to the test at the end:-*

Then we have that kind of love where you really love everything about him/her, but they aren’t´as attractive as the first guy, you read about earlier. But if you look at marriages, then you will find that the ones who choose to marry their best friend that you can share everything with who doesn’t put their career in front of you, and really show you how much they love you because you’re his/hers best friend as well, the marriages are the best. And they probably didn’t marry their DREAM girl/boy, but someone who gives you butterflies in a healthy way. (if I meet a guy who I think is super-duper hot, I tend to get so nervous I cannot talk, and that won’t last very well, so look out for someone who is your best friend). You don’t have to fall in love right away, take your time, and you will soon;)

So here is a test you can take to see if you really love him as a friend, or more:

1. Do you get butterflies/heart raise when his/her name pop up on your phone?

2. Do you take several pictures on snapchat till you get the perfect one to send him?

3. Do you listen to music and think about him/her?

4. How much do you think about her/him?

5. If she/he got a girlfriend or boyfriend... What is you first thing you feel in your chest?

6. Do you loose your appetite and get a weird nerve feeling in your mouth/throat(idk, I get that... maybe someone can relate?) But Loosing your appetite is actually normal when you love someone, but don’t have them, ant that’s because you get nauseous so much thinking about it. (scientific fact)

7.Have you dreamt about him? What did you feel? Was he nice? Did you feel comfortable in the dream?

8. Do you like his flaws?

9. If he/she recommends a Netflix series that you know isn’t gonna fall for your taste of genre, would you still try and watch it for her/him?

10. Do you have fun when with him/her? (That is really important)

11. If he/she suddenlty did something to you that is insulting or mean, would you walk away or would you try and forgive because you love him/her so much, you’re willing to ignore what they did?

12. Do you like their family?

13. Do you get turned on by her/him?

14. Can you be with each other and just do nothing? Like chill, go for a walk and not have sex, but just be with him/her?

15.Does hr og she make you happy?

16. if that person moved abroad, what would you feel?

17. How much are you willing to do for her/him?

18. When you look at him/her, do you only see flaws, or do you see someone with a little bit bigger nose then you would prefer, but still smile when you look at them because you just love them for who they are and their flaws?

19. Does he/she express as much feeling for you as you feel for them?

20. Could you ever have sex with him/her? Or would it feel wrong and weird?

21. Do you like his friends?

22. Do you get sad if he/she talks about other girls/boys?

23.Are you able to be friends with him after a breakup?

24.How would you feel kissing him in public?

25. Do you sweat when around him? More than usual?

26.Do you feel drawn to her/him?

27.Is this you soulmate we´re talking about?

28. do you talk about him with your friends, if, then how?

29. How do you react/feel if one of your friends says something they think is negative about him/her?

So. Do you love him/her?
real, or not real?