First, who is Bea Miller? Oh, well she's a talented and smart [lil angel] girl. She's awsome, she's incredible, she's everything.

Tbh, I don't really remember when I found her out exactly but I think that I was like eleven soo. I just tought omg she's so cute and beautiful, I already love her. Now I still loving her, but more. Since her album Not an apology I was a little quite of her and I didn't knew that she was still working in music.

This year her new album called Aurora come out with that amazing song called S.L.U.T (Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing). I didn't know how talented she was, I was just stanning here cuz I kinda enjoyed her voice and songs, but when this song come out and I watch her in interviews talking about the meaning of the song with her awsome raspy voice, there's when I really really really fall in love with her.

Bea said: “Equality just always made sense. Once I got out into the world and realized it didn’t make sense to everybody, that’s when I thought, ‘Okay, now I actually need to get out and do something about it.’”

I don't know you but I support a strong woman who turns negativity on positivity.

People, pls stop sleep on her.

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