Feelings never do make sense. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started. โ€” Blair Waldorf

After doing a Pretty Little Liars tag, I figured I try doing the same with my other favorite shows and Gossip Girl happens to be one of them!

Favorite female character

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Blair Waldorf - How could one not like Blair? She's so funny and real. I love her style and how she's really independent-minded. I also love how she has compassion for her loved ones but has no shame in showing her bitchy-side when she needs to. She's a badass queen like no other.

Favorite male character

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Nate Archibald - Though I love Chuck, Nate's my favorite mainly because I've had a crush on him since the beginning, throughout the whole show, and still do! He's a total hottie who's kind-hearted and ambitious. Because of my crush on him, I was kinda happy he stays single in the finale because besides Serena, I would've hated anybody else who ends up with him.

Favorite villian

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Georgina Sparks - Even though she could get annoying by popping up at random times and starting drama with the upper east-siders, similar to Blair, Georgina can be funny when she shows her bitchy side. I love how she went from being a rebel to a kind Christian girl and then back to a mean girl who's up to no good again.

Least favorite character

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Vanessa Abrams - Out of the main cast, she just wasn't my favorite. I tried liking her but it never worked. I think it's cause I didn't see much to her character other than that she was trying to fit in with the upper east-siders. I also didn't really like her fashion sense either.

Favorite ship

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Chair - One word: ENDGAME. Their personalities mesh so well together that they're made for each other like a power couple. Their relationship is the epitome of a perfect relationship and it sucks that hardly exists in real-life so I guess it's safe to say their relationship is one-of-a-kind.

Ship I like but won't happen

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Serenate - I wish they didn't break up! I'd ship this as hard as Chair. Nate over Dan any day. They look so good together! They've also known each other since childhood so that's like a perfect foundation to their relationship. Also, Nate is such a good guy so I never understood Serena's taste in men after being with him.

Favorite friendship

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Dorota and Blair - Other than Serena and Blair, I'd like to point out Dorota and Blair's friendship. Even though one works for the other, they respect each other and their relationship is so genuine. I love how Dorota is like Blair's ride-or-die in every one of their schemes.

Favorite season

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Season 3 - Mostly because Serena and Nate finally got together and Serenate happened but also I think at the same time, the whole cast had nice hair and looked their best during this season compared to the others.

Who I thought was Gossip Girl

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Georgina Sparks - She seemed fit to be GG since she can be manipulative and tends to get into other people's business and enjoys doing so but then again the reveal would've been too predictable. Would still like her either way though.

It's been soo long since I finished the series and I kinda wanna do a re-run. Any GG fans out there should try doing this tag! It's like another trip down memory lane writing this but it's fun! Once again, thanks for reading hearters, hope you enjoyed the read! You know you love me, xoxo, Y E N