Relationships are like roller coasters that have their own speed, heights, and downs. Sometimes you feel too high and alive, other times too low, and you look for an escape. Sometimes the same heights feel like they're just too high for you and that you're not ready to take the risk of that unknown thrill that may give you new kind of pleasures but, of course, at a higher risk of falling apart.
Well, we all want to share a good and deep love connection with someone, but sometimes it is much needed to realize that it's time to dive out of the sea to save yourself. You deserve happiness, and no one has the right to destroy you at any cost.
Here are a few quotes that may make you realize where your relationship stands and give you the required strength to know the ignorant truths :

1. Love me if you can, but don't destroy me for who I am.

Have you ever been with someone who keeps on making you feel like nobody? It's toxic. Quit.
It's always okay in a relationship to see the other part wishing for some changes in you..for better changes, perhaps. But if it ever seems that the other half cannot only accept you but also is trying to disrespect your thoughts, wishes, etc..well, it's time to move on.

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2. Don't be with someone who can't respect you.

If that person doesn't know how to embrace your flaws or judges you for nothing, it will ain't a good sign.

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3. Don't let them love you for who you could be if they can't love you for who you are.

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4. If they leave you alone in your hard times.

It's time to do some introspection on how it all happened, what could it mean, was it just a mistake, etc.

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5. Because seriously...a heart once stolen shouldn't be broken.

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Just take a deep breath and remind yourself that it's only you who can save you.


-Seema Sharma

Seema Sharma
Seema Sharma

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