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This are some aesthetics about the zodiac signs (Maybe there will be part 2, if you want it heart this or send me a message)

โžณ Aries

Ripped jeans, red lipstick, chinese lamps, pretzels,watermelon, palettes of eyeshadows, cute bikinis, Cheerleaders, kiss with the mark of the lipstick

lips, red, and makeup image fashion, jeans, and style image Temporarily removed light, night, and lantern image beach, summer, and girl image Temporarily removed

โžณ Taurus
over-sized sweaters, architecture, cherry blossoms,wine, italian cars, forehead kisses, cappuccino coffee,long lashes, nymphs, cuddles, opera, lollipops,old books,watercolors,rain,white laces underwear

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book, vintage, and old image Image removed fashion, lingerie, and bra image kiss, love, and quotes image

โžณ Gemini
Swings, old cartoons and comics, adventure trip, sexy legs, christmas sweater, lavender, heart balloons, glitter eyeshadow, gold rings, kiss with a bite on the lip_

disney, tv, and walt disney image adventure, beauty, and california image Temporarily removed blonde girl, blondie, and earrings image fashion, outfit, and style image love, red, and heart image

โžณ Cancer
Rainbow, European streets,angel wings, high heels, gliiter dress, Strawberries, blushy cheeks, short skirt, tan skin, parisian hat, cute curls, photography, kissing while smiling

rainbow, hand, and tumblr image fashion, high heel, and high heels image strawberry, fruit, and red image fashion, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed Image by claudia

โžณ Leo
Sunglasses,messy hair, big and expressive eyes, diamonds,fashion magazines, surfboard, rose wine, classy watch, kiss on the belly,meaningful tattoos,sunny day

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It dior, magazine, and rihanna image girl, hair, and travel image Image removed Temporarily removed

โžณ Virgo
Long hair, white chockers, canoe trip, old photographies, cute smile, stamp collections, cream cardigans, heart tattoo,kiss on the head

hair, girl, and blonde image Temporarily removed hand, hand tattoo, and heart image love, summer, and couple image Image removed fashion, girl, and style image

โžณ Libra
Perfect eyeliner,perfumed letters, skinny jeans, jewelers, blue shades dresses, sandy cheecks, amazing cheekbones, kiss on the eyelashes,lots of earrings,clouds

Image removed girl, model, and makeup image Temporarily removed earrings, accessories, and jewelry image dress, fashion, and blue image b&w, black, and clouds image

โžณ Scorpio
Black bras, Demonology, '80 costume, red high heels, dark nails, Vinyl leggins,french kiss, piercings, mascara,leather jackets,boots,devilish halloween costume, sarcastic smile

fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed mascara, boy, and quotes image nails, rings, and red image outfit, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed

โžณ Sagittarius

Dyed hair, scented candles,pink lipgloss, kiss on the neck, chokers, smell of incense, mini tattoos, bombers, coconut oil, organic drinks, fishnet stockings

blonde and silver hair image cosmetics, lipstick, and matte image Image by Sage Temporarily removed tattoo, breathe, and nails image drinks and interior image

โžณ Capricorn

Beanies,the smell of cinnamon, Bralette laces, black coffee, makeup brushes, military pattern, black lipstick,blue pen, white rose, kissing hard

fashion, black, and bra image black, lipstick, and grunge image kiss, lana del rey, and quotes image makeup, Brushes, and beauty image twins image coffee, drink, and black image

โžณ Aquarius
Mermaids, Lava lamps, candies, peach lip gloss, gem stones, sea shell, wavy hair, kiss on the nose,primroses, gold bracelet,diary

lips, aesthetic, and makeup image Temporarily removed crystal, stone, and gems image Image removed journal, book, and diary image bracelet, stars, and accessories image

โžณ Pisces
Snowflakes,colouring books, anime, fantasy books, enchanted forest,braids, vintage skirts, cute kiss on the cheek, tv series and netflix,hot chocolate

hair, braid, and hairstyle image red, netflix, and aesthetic image Image by Kendra Ramirez Temporarily removed snowflake, winter, and snow image couple, neels visser, and cindy kimberly image

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