Happy things.

  • Sunsets and sunrises seeping through thunderclouds just after a rain storm;
  • the light feel of crisp water when you first dunk your head in the pool;
  • the giddy flutter in your heart when you realize you love someone;
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  • the way sunlight filters through leaves and leaving sun spots on the ground;
  • the split-second when you reach the highest point on the swing, and you fly a little before going down;
  • blowing bubbles
  • sticking your head out a car window while speeding through an empty highway;
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  • candles and a tea on a lazy sunday morning
  • the first water balloon to pop and drench you on a hot summer day;
  • digging your toes into beach sand and finding that the bottom is always just a little bit colder and damper than the top;
  • stargazing on a cool summer night
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  • waking up to the sound of raindrops plopping against your window, and the world a little bit more desaturated.

—nf /Sep 3, 2016/

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi all,

I've decided to begin writing articles on my WHI account, because it's just such a good opportunity to get to interact with this community in a way that's much more meaningful than just the hearting of each other's images. You can get to know people so much more through their writing. So, this is my first official post, woo!

In a way, I love the anonymity that online platforms provide.. it really gives us a chance to be real and unfiltered without the fear of being judged or anything. But, either ways, I think I should briefly introduce myself. I'm currently a junior in a small high school who should probably be studying. I like to spend my time listening to music, taking & editing pictures, running, shopping for room decor, and watching aesthetic youtube videos, and I'm just a little in love with WHI ♡.

So, that's me.

I might be writing articles more often, we'll see how this little guy does in the big big world of the WHI writing community first. That's that for today. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and never forget that happiness can be found in the smallest of things in life.

Noore ✨