''Know yourself, know your worth"

I saw those words a few months ago on someone's Instagram bio and since that day I keep repeating them in my head.

I always questioned whether I was good enough and if everything that I went through with boys was what I truly deserved. I questioned if I was easy to manipulate, easy to use just for the 'good time'. However, I think I was just the girl who got attached too easily and made it easy be used and abused by the words instead of the actions.

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Yet, that is not the case anymore. I now know I am much more than that, I deserve the word and nothing less. I deserve to be cared for and maybe that isn't by someone else and that is okay. As long I care for myself that is all that matters, self love is important.

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Those words I found a few months ago have changed my view on myself, I have started to value who I am and it is okay say no to anyone who tries to change this. Because I am more and I hope you can be more!

It is hard, but find your muse and be everything you have always wanted to be and make this start to value yourself more than anyone else can.

Be you, stay true - someclarity