Hello everyone!

This is my first article and I'm going to start by sharing my tips on how to become productive. So far, I've been thinking about keep my life in order, following my dreams and being more productive and these tips have helped me so much and I hope they help you guys too.

So Here are my tips on how to become productive

I hope y`all like it.

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1.Clean your room

Start by cleaning your room beacuse your room is the place where you start your day and end your day.So clean up and set the vibe for you to be clear mindset.

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2.Sleep early

It`s very important to sleep at least 7 hours, Beacuse by sleeping early you will feel good and have more energy to spend on the day.

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3.Wake up early

If you wake up early, you will have the time to do all you need to do in peace and quiet.You will have time to enjoy a relaxing bath, choose nice clothes to suit you, make a delicious breakfast for you, read a book and another things you like.

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4.Plan the day before

It may be stressful to write down everything you should do during the day in the morning. Do this in the evening instead. When you know what to do, you will wake up more motivated, And having a planner can help you do things done and make you feel productive.

Make sure that your planner is clean and pretty because it will motivate you more.

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5.Set goals

Set goals for each week, month and year. It will be easier to achieve your goals if you write down. Setting goals can be good because you know what you want in life and Achieving goals, no matter how big or small they always strengthen self-confidence.

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7.Put your phone away and experience life

Instead of scrolling down on social media for hours, do something you like instead, for example, planning a trip, going out and taking photos, writing down a bucket list, swimming, exercising, and more.

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8.Drink a lot of water and eat healthy

To feel good and have energy we need food and water so drink plenty of water as you can and eat good and healthy food regularly.

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9.Stop waiting

This is very important and it is to stop waiting for motivation, tomorrow, next week, new year or summer. If you want to achieve your goals and succeed then you should start now.

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10.This is for yourself

Keep in mind that your goal is personal and that the purpose of achieving it should be to feel proud of yourself.

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Thank you for reading!
XOXO, Domonica