Hii niqqas ! I'm back with a article about me , I was waiting to write this article for a while now soo let's start write

1.Mornings hater.

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I'm the single one who i lay late in the bed in the mornings? Is confier than everytime

2.Love with books.

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I am the book lover and a few people know this
,the smell is special and I am usually with my nose in fiction and psychology books


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Art is more than a drawing on the paper is anywhere (arhitecture, nature ,paint ,etc)

4.Arianator .

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I started to be a fan like 8-9 years old, then i watched and listen every song ...and in present I'm a good Arianator

5. I'm a big quotes and poem person.

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Quotes and poems have saved me so many times. I always love whenever I find a good quote that I relate to and a poem I can connect with. It lifts my spirits when I find words that inspire me everyday.

6.I'm distracted.

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I'm distracted by certain details that no one noticed

7.I'm a adventures person .

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I definitely want to go travel the world one day with my friends and just escape and discover.

8.I'm a serials lover.

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I love to watch serials and eat someting good in the same time

9.I like photography.

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10.I'm a fan of Vogue

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11.My aesthetic is grunge, vintage and artsy

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12.I'm drawing
In special I draw late in night because when the moon is up my ispiration is up

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Art isnt supposted to be nice ,it supposted to make you feel something

13.I watch moon everynight

I know it's sound weird but I am a moon lover .

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14.(bonus) I'm feminis.

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Thank u for read this article,and thank u for read some boring things about me .This facts is normal for peoples

key.bye <3 ,