I love do spend some of my time on my nails. I recently fell on many pictures of nail art I need to try

nails image
It's pretty simple but some beautiful... And the black color can match any type of clothes.
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It looks like a French manucure, elegant, chic and classy.
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I love blue, it's a nice color for spring, and summer also. And it looks simple.
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I could do this when I wear a beautiful white dress ^^
nails and purple image
One of my favorite color... And the sparkles...
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This is my favorite one. Like seriously, it is so gorgeous...
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I need to buy some..
nails, christmas, and nail art image
I'll do this for christmas I think
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Having these while being at Coachella ^^
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I love it because I find it hard to just wear green
nails, manicure, and style image nails, beauty, and blue image
Her nails are perfect... It looks like a diamond... I understand why it's called 'diamond nail-art'