Hello there.My name is Angel, I know you may be wondering what the title means so I'll just get on to it then.

My obsession with Supernatural has led me to create an SPN Fan Club on the GroupMe App for all Supernatural Fans.

  • Download GroupMe from either the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Sign in or Log in with your email.
  • Message me on the WeHeartIt app/site using this format:

WHI Name:
Email for GroupMe:
Reason: SPN Fan Club

And I will answer almost immediately.

  • I add you to the club.


  • Have respect for each other.
  • Jokes, Opinions and Tips Allowed.
  • Be active.
  • No Inappropriate Behaviour or Pictures.
  • Have Fun.

There are definitely more Rules but these are rules you currently need to know.

The Fan Club is for everything Supernatural (I mean everything), where we all get to talk about the show and ourselves.We all come from different countries around the world,so it'll be really cool if a show can bring us all closer together.

To Message Me, here's my Profile.