isn't it weird that in one Moment everything seems perfect... like..
You're at school doing your business,.. after.. you have work.. you come back home.. eat something, maybe study a little bit then get ready for bed.. listen to music and fall asleep..
next morning you wake up, get ready, drink your coffee,.. and again.. school and work.. you talk to some people but i mean they're not your friends, just idk people you talk with bec you have to..

and then the other Moment if you have no work and school and your at home alone or with ur fam.. you get those lonely feelings.. even if you have a boyfriend and 1 or 2 good friends.. or no wait.. I don:t have friends.. or .. do I ? I mean i talk to people yes.. but are those your friends? you help them If they need help and you are always there for everybody.. but are those people there for you? You don't even hang out with them in your freetime.. your boyfriend.. you don't even see your boyfriend.. because he lives in another town.. does he love you that much? Even if he text you everyday.. does he mean it?

Is it just me.. with those mixed feelings everytime?
sometimes everything seems so fine.. you talk to strangers at work.. you talk to ppl at your school.. you text with some ''friends'',

but when it comes to those days where you have nothing to do.. you kinda realize that you're alone.. you are alone.. youre goddamn alone..