Well hello there, so this is my first article I know exciting right? But let's just dive into the title. Where do I want to go?


usa and girl image summer image beach, hawaii, and Honolulu image arizona, beautiful, and cactus image
I have never been to America, and you know Americans have so much things that I wish I could do in Belgium. Driving at the age of 16, I mean how cool is that? Also there are so much places to visit.


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If you're like me and you like to walk in the forest than you probably want to visit sweden too.


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I think everyone wants to go there atleast ones in their life. After all it is the city of lights.


summer, water, and sea image Greece, couple, and travel image
All those white houses and the blue ocean makes me want to go there so bad.

I want to go to so many other places but I think those are my top 4. Where do you want to go?