Hey guys ! Today I wanted to do this little tag because I thought it was a good idea. So hope you'll like it ♥

1. I'm French and Spanish

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I already said a lot I'm french but not enough that I'm spanish, so here it is done !

2. I have a little sister

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I already talked 'bout her in my article "tis is her" : #https://weheartit.com/articles/309451508-this-is-her

3. I don't have any pets

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I want a dog or a cat so bad but my parents don't want....

4. I loooove music

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I have done an article about my pop playlist but I have a "mood", "french rap", "latino", "german" and "kpop" playlist... #https://weheartit.com/articles/308362682-playlist-1

5. I have an iphone 5s

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I don't know why I'm telling this...

6. I've only been to germany and spain

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I just want to go all over the world so I'm gonna do an entire article 'bout it !

7. My Favorite Show of all time are TheBigBangTheory and The Shannara Chronicles

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My favorite character are Raj and Eretria ♥♥♥

8. I love to write

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My (french) wattpad is : #https://www.wattpad.com/user/Warister

9. I love to read

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I have so many books i could die for.

10. I'm a Slytherin

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And I'm proud of it you guys

11. I'm a libra

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Yup that's me...

12. I love to sing

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It seems I sing good... I KNOW I KNOW

13. I speak french, english, and a little of german and spanish

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I think you know I speak french, as I live in France, English BECAUSE I'M WRITING IN ENGLISH YOU DUMBASS, german because I learn it at school and spanish BECAUSE I'M SPANISH ARE YOU LISTENING OR NOT ?!

14. I never had a boyfriend...

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... and I don't want one !