All I could do was just stare into the black pits of your eyes. Those beautiful eyes that I used to look at and smile. But now a frown itched upon my features as tears were falling from the dark endless wells I once called your eyes. You were crying and breaking in front of me and I just stared. I couldn't offer you any sense of comfort without touching you but then again if I touched you it would be like trying to calm a fire by embracing it. I couldnt touch you. So I just started my eyes trying to focus on the small curvature of a strand of your hair. Your hair was always pin straight and I was intrigued by the curve that was formed on the small strand of hair touching your salty tears. You were screaming words my brain couldn't decipher. I couldn't help you. How could I help someone who was in the same position as me? How could I offer any sense of comfort without touching you? Without hurting you any further? How could I fix something I broke with the same hands? How could I be your hero and your destroyer?

~ words he will never say