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Right now it's all about those converse! Typically paired with leggings or occasionally with a skirt or dress. But I'd like to expand more and dress more 'mature' and feminine. Or at least learn to embrace my femininity<3


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Over time it would be nice to explore more and experiment with a different style!


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Currently my hair is ombre- (black and blonde) I am working on growing it out. Eventually I want to dye it back red again.


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As far as fitness goes, I do need to get out more. It would be ideal to start eating better and healthier along with getting out of the house + doing more fitness activities.



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Right now I have a steady boyfriend whom is also my best friend. Also I am grateful to have a mother who is my best friend. However, I do miss having some girl time with those who are my age and just making new friends in general. I feel lonely without those connections.



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Since school takes up a lot of time: Homework, study, etc. I barley sleep (only when I can get some good rest) Mostly I just want to strive for a more independent life and start living, hopefully staring a life with my S/o after finishing up school.

See you guys next time! ♥