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Funny, as in childhood, friendship depends on how close you are to each other. For example, who is your best friend is directly related to how closely your houses are located; or with whom you are sitting on the music - so, so close your names are on the list in alphabetical order. Here is a game of chance.

  Love scares. It is changing. Can leave. This is part of the risk. I do not want to be afraid anymore.

  I wonder what it's like to have so much power over a guy. I do not think I need it. It's just a huge responsibility to keep someone's heart in their hands.

  This is our life, and it makes no sense to ask: "what if ...?", Because no one will ever be able to answer such questions.

  Life does not need to be so carefully planned. Just go with the flow, and let everything happen by itself

  Sisters must quarrel and put up, they are sisters, and sisters will always find their way back to each other.