hey hi hello i haven't posted a playlist article here yet so here it is. i haven't had time to write any other article as of late and i'm sooo sorry about that. let me know if you guys like these kinds of things and i'll definitely write more !! this playlist is in progress so there's still more songs i'd love to add :)

title ; vanilla swirls

description ; an indie playlist that gives me retro vibes. it kind of is calming, but that's just my opinion.

songs ;

dreams tonite — alvvays

not my baby — alvvays

so sad, so sad — varsity

you say i'm in love — banes world

saw you in a dream — the japanese house

peach pit — peach pit

lover is a day — cuco

i love you so — the walters

i don't know you — the marías

pretty girl — clairo

everytime — boy pablo

lo que siento — cuco

sweet to me — summer salt

i'm just snacking — gus dapperton

social sites — cosmo pyke

cuz you're my girl — yung heazy

loving is easy — rex orange county

your hand holding mine — yellow days

listen to this playlist on spotify ; https://goo.gl/dSrgEQ