March was a month packed with good comebacks, but could it already be said as the best of the year? Probably not, there will still be a lot of good in 2018. Loona has not yet made its debut as a group, Winner still has not comeback, and of course, Blackpink, the most anticipated group of all.

But let's talk about March...

  • The list is not spread from best to worst.
  • All comments will be just MY opinion, I hope not offending anyone.
  • I'll just talk about the title song and NOT the whole album.


And I ask myself again, why so many units if everything looks the same? The only difference is that this one is horrible. I loved Boss, and Baby don't stop of NCT U, but dude... The old concept of NCT Dream did not please me much, just didn't do my style. So when I saw that they were going to give a mature, I got carried away. I created expectations for nothing. It sounds like noise, noise and more noise. This time neither the MV excited me. I had not given two minutes of MV and I already wanted to stop. I'm expecting a lot from NCT, as a whole, but that was disappointing... But Sympathy is the best album ever.

nct dream image
and the concept remains incredible

j-hope - DAYDREAM



One of the things I like about BTS is that they can make you like all the styles of music they release. And it would not be different with the solo albums of the members. J-Hope has one of my favorite voices in the group, it's so unique. And I enjoyed everything in Hope World.

daydream, bts, and hobi image

Daydream arrived in March, and I did not expect to like MV so much. The aesthetics of the scenarios, the colors, I loved the mixture of simple scenarios with well produced, everything is perfect, especially the lyrics and the music.

hope world, j-hope, and jung hoseok image

Airplane certainly has my favorite aesthetic for MVs. I love photography, and the photograph of this MV is wonderful. The MV already begins with the vision of a city at night (which I think is Seoul), and after a nightfall in a parking lot. It's all so beautiful that your eyes thank.

airplane, mv, and bts image airplane, mv, and bts image airplane, mv, and bts image airplane, mv, and bts image

If the person has never heard of kpop, or bts, and enters into one of these two MVs, she's sure to fall in love at first. Because it's all amazing.

Heize - JENGA (feat. Gaeko)





DEAN and Heize made me fall in love with R&B, became one of my favorite genres. Even more when I realized that the artists who sang R&B had a very beautiful artistic concept. Heize has one of my favorite voices, I think I could say that she's my third favorite solo.

Jenga, I liked the whole concept of MV, of things piled on top of other things, lives up to the name of the song. But of all three this is not my favorite song. I've said that in another article, but when I pay more attention in MV than in music, it's because music is not catchy.

Didn't know me, I paid a lot of attention in the history of the MV, but I still managed to pay attention to the music, which means that it is very good. This song is very relaxing, and about the MV, I don't know if that was selfish of him, but he could have been happy with her success. If he really loved her, he would have stayed.

Sorry for sure is the best of all, the music is catchy, the MV is amazing, and I was humming the song all day long. Can I tell you how incredible that robbery is with her face?

aesthetic, pain, and sorry image
best theory


This boy is two years younger than me, and I only saw him as a child... but this concept is so sexy and looks so good in him that I can not think of him any more as a little child.

aesthetic, gif, and kpop image

Samuel never made my style, his songs never really captivated me... until now. Thank God I opened the video. The music is very good, the MV is very good, it made me want to dance until the end of the song. Another thing I loved about him is the voice, I love it when the artist has that pinch of American tone. I don't know how to explain.

aesthetic, gif, and kpop image
Bambam's inspiration?




Do you have a moment, it's not the style of music I normally listen to, but since I love Suho's voice I gave it a chance, and it was one of the best things in my life. As much as I prefer Dinner, which is more my style. These two MVs are like night and day.

SUZY - 잘자 내 몫까지 (with Yiruma)

When she begins to sing and cry in front of the mirror, you already know that this song will break your heart. I loved how each scene is told in its time, not several being intertwined, but one at a time. Her voice being only accompanied by a piano is perfect, nor does it need an orchestra to improve.


JB is a great songwriter, but they need to change that producer of them. Not that it's bad, but I can't understand the musical concept of GOT7, after Never Ever they seem to get lost. I'm IGOT7, but I analyzed this comeback as an impartial person, and my fan side liked it first, but those who are not from the fandom would not like it much, I guess, I might be wrong too. Now the MV is incredible and the boys could not be more beautiful. I loved how each had their own style, it worked out very well.

JB, look, and mark image


This song sounds more like an OST than some drama, and I enjoyed it a lot. As much as I think this MV concept is a bit outdated, I still respect it a lot. Because when I entered the kpop world, I only had this. Anyway, this is pretty cool here.


Apart from Go, I liked everything that NCT released, especially Touch. It's one of my favorite songs from the album, and my favorite MV concept. They really seem to be having fun in MV, it does not look anything forced, which is great.

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I always get one foot behind when I hear Wanna One, nothing but that little part in Energetic captivated me (make me feel so high michigaeso). But after Daniel said "wing wing wing boomerang", I saw myself enjoying the song. Really. I even liked the MV concept, which is quite normal.

The comment that a person made in the video represents me:

"not even 1min in the Video and i am already shook af"

Victoria Song Qian - ROOF ON FIRE

Okay, this is not Korean. But I sniff what f(x) members are doing, because while they dont give comeback or disband, I have to settle for the solos.

And this MV is incredible, I love this psychedelic concept where nothing makes sense, this thing well SM, even though it was not done by SM. Now the music is very normal, everything that we are already accustomed to hear.


WOW THIS IS AMAZING! This is so catchy, best unit ever! I loved how it was recorded on show, and since it has so many interactions in music, the dance, as expected, is incredible! I LOVE IT!!!!


If you're used to Monsta X's debut concept, you'll probably be surprised at the concept of this comeback. But calm, I've heard that's just because this is the style that Korea likes, and they're trying to get more attention.

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But I liked it and got addicted at first. Everyone is gorgeous (even though I have not really tanned Hyungwon's hair color), and dude, that choreography was the best thing they did.

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Olivia Hye (LOONA) - Egoist (Feat. JinSoul)

And for me that was the best debut of March, after months finally the last member of LOONA debuted. And I can't say how excited I am. I've been following this trajectory since Hyunjin's debut. So come that last unit soon before the long awaited debut.

aesthetic, music video, and mv image

The music is so self-esteem, I enjoyed it until I got to the unnecessary part of Jinsoul, I love her, but her rap cut the mood, good thing it was fast. And had so much information on this MV that even if you watch 30 times, you will still have reference that you will not notice. By the way, do you have any theory? If so, can you send me a postcard?

loona, olivia hye, and egoist image loona, olivia hye, and egoist image loona, egoist, and olivia hye image Image removed

That's all for today. I'm sorry if my opinion offended you, it was never my intention. See you next month!

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