After the ending of us,

I admit I did meet with melancholy and had Niagara Falls be the only thing in my eyes for a long time but I sober up.

You are much happier and joyful and trying new things while I'm laying underneath my blankets, humming to our song with a weary voice.

I am done, I am done feeling despair while you're not feeling the same. I am done feeling lost, you aren't lost, you completely adjusted to your new position, why shouldn't I too?

Now, I do my make up and my nails. my friends say I'm doing this for you, no I am not. I am doing this for myself, I am doing this to show myself I have other priorities other than sitting in the dark crying over you.

I started catching up my school work more frequently, learning different studies that I want to pursue in the future.

I brought new clothes, going through different styles, wearing things that I would have never buy when I was with you.

I do not play our song, I play my song now which includes the lyrics of loving myself and not weeping the heartbreak of you.

I compete in a sport now, I am a swimmer, you were so frighten of me swimming so I never did it because of your sake. You stopped me from doing something I love the most but you are no longer in the picture, I fell in love with the thrill of being the water and feeling so complete.

I get this question all the time, where did this new me come from?

I always tell them that I built my own kingdom and learned how to be my own soulmate.