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This is my 3rd article with my favorite anime girls. This version is a about my favorite Red/Orange hair anime Girls. I hope you enjoy!

1. Akane Sakurada - Joukamachi no Dandelion

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She is super shy. I'm pretty shy myself so I feel relatable to Akane alot. She is a cute and nice character.

2. Akari Akaza - Yuru Yuri

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She is funny, Clunzy and a really nice character!

3. Akari Ozara - Aikatsu!

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She is my favorite Aikatsu! Idol and she make me smile so much!

4. Ako Saotome - Aikatsu Stars!

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Ako is my favorite Aikatsu Stars! Idol. She is funny and a little bit a tsundere. She is great idol and Fangirl.

5. Caramel - Yumerio Patissiere

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She's the oldest of the four main Sweets Spirit but she's act like a cry baby the most of the time. She is really cute and take good care about her parner Andou.

6. Chelsea - Akame ga Kill!

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She's a great girl. Nice and kind. To bad she's died.

7. Chidori Takashiro - Kiznaiver

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Chidori's a great girl. Too bad she's don't get Katsuhira at the end.

8. Chika Takami - Love Live! Sunshine!!

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Chika's is one of my favorite Deredere character. She always make me smile. She learn me even how hard it may be you never must give up on your dream and goals.

9. Chiyo Sakura - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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She is a adorable and great girl!

10. Cocoa Hoto - Is the Order a Rabbit ?

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She a cute and Cheerful girl. She make me smile.

11. Enju Aihara - Black Bullet

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She's cute , Sassy and a loli. I like her alot!

12. Haru Ichinose - Akuma no Riddle

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She's naïve like me. She always sees the best in people. She is also pretty cute.

13. Juri Kurebayashi - Aikatsu!

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Juri's a great and Cool idol. She's Tranfer student from Spain .

14. Kirino Kousaka - Oreimo

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She's a model , Tsundere , Otaku and Imouto. She is so funny and a great tsundere character.

15. Mikan Shiratama - Pri Para

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Mikan's is a cute Angel idol.

16. Hyper Blossom - Powerpuff Girls Z

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was the smartest of the 3 powerpuff girls. I like her anime and Cartoon version alot.

17. Nagisa Motomiya - AKB0048

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Nagisa's a great idol and I she is my favorite AKB0048 Character!

18. Ponyo - Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

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My cutie pie. She is a cute and funny girl.

19. Yuuri Makita - Ao Haru Ride

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She is so cute and kind girl.

20. Rinko Yamato - Ore Monogatari!!

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My sweet little princess. She is so kind en nice character.
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I hope you like my article. I'll make a other one soon I think. Bye bye!