Just a couple (dozen) songs that i’ve been obsessed with at some point, all by Fall Out Boy (duh, that’s what the title says) along with a little explanation. They’re organized by album.

From Under the Cork Tree

Dance, Dance
This was my ‘introduction’ to Fall Out boy, granted i never actually listened to it when it came out (i was 5), it holds a special place in my heart.
“She says she's no good with words but I'm worse
Barely stuttered out a joke of a romantic stuck to my tongue
And weighed down with words too overdramatic
Tonight it's it can't get much worse
Versus no one should ever feel like”

I’m pretty sure this song was on the recommended column on YouTube, that’s how I found it.

Infinity On High

The Take Over, The Breaks Over
“Baby, seasons change but people don't”
That is all.

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race
The aesthetic of this song is just.. Fascinating. I really don’t know why I fell in love with it but I did.
“I’m a leading man and the lies I weave are oh-so intricate, oh-so intricate
I wrote the gospel on giving up (You look pretty sinking)”

My favourite lines are questionable (haha I don’t usually lie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) but meh, the heart wants what the heart wants?

The Carpal Tunnel Of Love
Patrick Stump’s vocals are absolutely breathtaking in this song.
“We're so miserable and stunning
Whoa, love songs for the genuinely cunning”

Folie a Deux

I Don’t Care

Honestly I just adore these lyrics:
“These friends, they don't love you
They just love the hotel suites, now
I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness, in misery”

Obviously I love all the lyrics, but these in particular are my favourite in this song, they feel so relatable.

Save Rock and Roll

Alone Together

This song is the first “slower” song I listened to, and I fell in love SO quick.
“I don't know where you're going,
But do you got room for one more troubled soul
I don't know where I'm going,
But I don't think I'm coming home
And I said, I'll check in tomorrow if I don't wake up dead
This is the road to ruin and we're starting at the end”

Honestly if I could put all of the lyrics, I would but I feel like that would be overkill. Overall a 10/10 song for when you’re feeling sad.

Miss Missing You

To be fair, the first time listening to this song I didn’t really care for it all that much. After a couple months of skipping it (yes it was one of those skipped songs that you become addicted to after listening to it 4 months post release), I listened to it again and adored every chord and note played/sang by this band.
“Cue all the love to leave my heart
It’s time for me to fall apart”
“Oh, we’re fading fast
I miss missing you now and then”

Young Volcanoes

Young Volcanoes is a relatively happy song, it makes me think of getting over something tragic or getting out of a negative environment that you’ve been stuck in forever and finally trying to get control back into your life no matter how difficult it’s probably going to be (note; this is my interpretation).

“In poison places, we are anti-venom
We're the beginning of the end”
“Come on, make it easy, say I never mattered
Run it up the flag pole”

Light Em Up

I really like the lyrics, I like Patrick’s voice and how strong it is especially during the chorus and at the end. This is a really good song for when you’re angry.
“A constellation of tears on your lashes
Burn everything you love
Then burn the ashes
In the end everything collides
My childhood spat back the monster that you see”

American Beauty/American Psycho


Centuries brought a lot of new (mostly temporary) fans to the fandom, at least in my area. While it is a really good song (and still one of my favourites obviously, I mean it’s on this list), I am still 50/50 on it only because of how it was overplayed beyond belief.
“And I can't stop 'til the whole world knows my name
'Cause I was only born inside my dreams”
“Remember me for centuries
And just one mistake
Is all it will take
We'll go down in history”

Jet Pack Blues

This song makes me feel melancholic, in a good way. I don’t know how to explain it.
“And I'm trying to find that peace of mind
Behind these two white highway lines
When the city goes silent
The ringing in my ears gets violent”


The Last Of The Real Ones
I remember waking up and freaking out because of the FallOutBoyVEVO notification about this song/music video release. It was (and still is) one of my all time favorite songs.
The song itself has such a free, liberated aesthetic and tone (especially with the melody)
“ 'Cause you're the last of a dying breed
Write our names in the wet concrete
I wonder if your therapist knows everything about me
I'm here in search of your glory
There's been a million before me
That ultra-kind of love
You never walk away from”


Church is 100% the most emo love song ever, but I love it. I love the melody and the guitar and the vocals. The whole thing is a masterpiece.
“I love the world but I just don't love the way it makes me feel
Got a few more fake friends
And it's getting hard to know what's real
And if death is the last appointment
Then we're all just sitting in the waiting room
I am just a human trying to avoid my certain doom”

Young and Menace

This song reminds me of how panic attacks feel, the fast paced almost tense feeling you get during the chorus and then the calmer (almost collected) vibes from the verses. While it sounds negative, I really do like the song. Plus the lyrics are beautiful.
“Woke up on the wrong side of reality
And there's a madness that's just coursing right through me”
“I'm just here to become the best yet
I'm just here for the psych assessment”

This list is MUCH longer than I anticipated it to be, (whoops) but I recommend every single song on this list.
This is my first time writing an article on here so feedback would be greatly appreciated (especially if it's about my writing as I am trying to improve).

Honourable mentions: Sugar We’re Going Down, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet, What a Catch, Donnie, The Phoenix, The Mighty Fall, Novocaine, Expensive Mistakes.