1. Blue Clay Mask

Nothing could help my skin to fully re-establish a pigmentation. This product can reduce post acne redness and swelling very well. You can count on improvements of complexion and reducing of red pimples.
I used it twice a week but you should read the instruction before using it because skin problems are individual.

Warning : can cause the allergy !

2. Lemon juice (+ egg white)

Scramble some lemon juice with an egg white. Done! Leave it on your lovely face for 10-15 minutes and wash with warm water. Don't forget to use a moisture cream after the mask! Don't do this too often!

3. Tea Tree Oil

Best of the best. A natural way for getting rid of post-acne and red pimples. Besides, the smell of the tea tree oil influences on your brain, making you more self-confident and chatty. Nice bonus, right?

Stay beautiful inside and out, girls and boys ! Good luck !