Welcome to the first article of my page! upon your request or depending on how much love or views this gets I might make this a little series of articles for you on a weekly basis, so Let's Jump Into this!

Working on you~

Some people put other's needs before their own (like myself) and forget who they are and don't focus on them. Sometimes we all need a little self pampering. It's a good to help people but you can't always put them before yourself, because your health is important! The best help is self help, help yourself flourish.

Ideas on how to focus on you:

-Have a day just for you!
pamper yourself, maybe do some face masks, take a walk, read, just be about yourself!
-Reprimand yourself
don't let yourself drown, if it must be at work or school, stop being lazy and take initiative!
-take a break
just relax and don't over think things or let stress consume you

This was my first article and i am very nervous, i hope you like it! i'll improve as i go