i have extremely dangerous anxiety.

it's like everything is running in my mind at all times at a 500 mph. i can't stop it or control it; that is unless i take pills.

i get anxiety from getting anxiety. i know that sounds crazy and ironic, but it's true. i'm constantly thinking about everything and i realize it and i get anxiety because i know i need to stop and then i can't stop so i get even more anxiety. it's a vicious cycle that never stops and feeds on itself.

also i have the best combination, depression and anxiety. i heard this metaphor from one of my favorite counselors and she said that anxiety is like the gas pedal and depression is like the brake pedal. it describes it so well.

I've had so many teachers come up to me during a test and ask, "are you ok?" because they see that my anxiety has taken over and completely wiped all the material i learned and studied. that also comes with amazing physical problems too like, headaches and stomach aches.

anxiety really is a blessing.