Our S C A R S shouldn't define who we are. We all have them.
Whether they are visible or not.
We may choose to talk about them or hide them away because we are ashamed, embarrassed and scared.
We all have these thoughts running through our minds.
These S C A R S, whatever they are can change us in either the most minuscule or humongous ways.
I have S C A R S.
Some days they are all I think about.
Other days I will completely forget about them.
But they are S C A R S.
S C A R S always remain no matter what.
On your face, your shoulders, your hands, in your mind and inside your heart.
They can infect you and spread through your body; making you think you're disgusting, that there's something wrong with you, that you're all alone.
But you're not.
We all have S C A R S

I will share one of my S C A R S

when i was a child; around nine years old, i went with my family on a holiday. this holiday was in another country however, some of my distant relatives lived there too. we went to live with them for a week or two (i can't remember how long we stayed there). i had a cousin. he was older than me and we spent a lot of time together with him however, there were occasions where he would call me to be alone with me. during that time he would i would say abuse me. sexually. because it was not harassment. there was physical contact which i did not want. i was a child how could i understand anything back then and now when i look back at it. i felt abused. violated. ashamed of myself.

to this day i have not told anyone about this secret. i choose not to because my parents would be destroyed and would not see me in the same way. this S C A R, i had actually not remembered it until two or three years ago. i would often feel ashamed of myself to have these thought about my family. this cousin. i would often think that i was lying to myself, and making it up. that hurt even more but i guess i had repressed this memory, it was painful now. as a child i didn't understand what it meant but now i did. it made sense to me. the reason why i was so uncomfortable around men. my uncles, brothers; even my own father. because of this S C A R.

*i am a Muslim and a firm believer in God. I believe that everyone will account for their actions one day but still in my heart i pray that if he has done something to me that he will be punished for what he did to me. God bears witness to everything on this earth and will punish accordingly and if nothing did happen , may i be forgiven for thinking that my cousin would do that to me.

Anyways thank you for listening to this. And please make your own S C A R S article if you want to; no pressure. I hope I have made you confident to share your own secrets. XOXO