So, for a while I've wanted to find a best friend or a group of friends on the internet. So why not find friends on the most positive apps there is. send a message if you wanna be friends sis!


Eriqua (pronounced like Erica)


Nashville, TN




High School Student, Journalist Intern, Musician

Why are you looking for a best friend?

I don't really have may friends that I can actually relate to. On weheartit, I see so many like minded individuals, it makes me want to communicate with you guys.

What type of music do you like?

Everything. Halsey, Demi Lovato, Kehlani, Tupac, AC/DC, BMTH, J.Cole

What are your hobbies?

Writing, songwriting, eating, dancing, singing

Favorite curse word?


Favorite movie/TV show/ book?

Movie: Clueless, Half Baked, Titanic and It. TV Show: Stranger Things and Bob's Burgers. Book: I don't really have one, I rarely relate to the characters. I'd rather write a book

Three things you hate?

Racism, heartbreakers, Cancer

Three things you love?

Me(I mean that in the most humble way possible), Music, My mother

What do you find yourself arguing about frequently?

Sexism and racism

Preferred communication:

texting and snapchat

Idea best friend:

Somebody who matches my vibe, people who like to talk about the most random things. People I can discuss clothing choices with, who I can talk to about insecurities of ours, aren't really party people and rather stay home than be around lots of people.