i've been thinking for weeks
to end things between me and you
i just can't do it anymore
this, friends with benefits

not because i grow feelings for you
not because i start liking you as more than a friend
because i just don't feel like doing it anymore
because i get bored of us, of you, of everything

it's been bothering me for weeks
and last night, i couldn't even sleep
just thinking about wanting to end it
right away

never in my life
has an intention to hurt you
it was too hard for me to make the words
and to hide the truth from you

but i ended up failed doing it
i asked you today
if we could hangout
without saying the reason why i wanted to meet you so badly

i wanted to say a proper goodbye to you
but it looked like it's not possible
you thought i was going to do something stupid
you asked me if it's a joke because today is april fools
but i didn't even realize that it is april fools

i ended up pouring my heart out in text
not the best way but i know i should do it
today or never
and i couldn't hold it anymore

i told everything
and suprisingly,
you handled it so good
you respected my decision

you said you like me
like not liked
and you told me that i'm still the same person
and you completely see me the same

even after everything that i've done to you
you still want to be friends with me
even after i hurt you with my words
you still said that you like me

you make me feel bad
so i told you
"stop being so nice, why don't you just get mad or something"
because if you get made at me
then at least, i know it's my fault

but then you said
"why would I get mad, that's life"
and at that moment I knew that
it has to be done

otherwise, i'd just hurt you
more and more
and i don't want that

i know i'm selfish
but it's better to end it now
than to hold it any longer
just to hurt myself and you more


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