Hey, girls! My name is Bee and today I'll be doing the #LetterByLetterChallenge. This is the FIRST time I'm writing about something that is related to me or tell you all about me! And I'm really excited to do this challenge! So, without further ado, let's get started!

My name:


All night - The Vamps
Believer - Imagine Dragons
I like me better - Lauv
Gold - Kiiara
Alarm - Anne-Marie
In the dark - Camila Cabello
Lush life - Zara Larsson

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2 |TV shows/ Books/ Movies|

Attachments (Book)
Buffy the vampire slayer (TV show)
It (Movie)
Game night (Movie)
An abundance of Katherines (Book)
I spy (TV show)
Lucky star (Book)

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3 |Characteristics|


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4 |Celebrities/ Characters|

Ariana Grande (singer)
Bradley Cooper (actor)
Inna (singer)
Gaten Matarazzo (actor)
Augustus Waters (fictional character)
Ian Somerhalder (actor)
Lili Reinhart (actress)

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5 |Random, random and random|

Art (I love painting and sketching)
Boys (I'm the most boy crazy person I know)
Ibiza (I want to take a pill in Ibiza someday)
Gal Gadot (Is she totally radiant or what?)
Amulets (I LOVE amulets! I have an emerald one, a topaz one, a.. you get the idea)
Ill (I'm currently ill and suffering from a fever sniff)
Lucas Sinclair (One of my loves)

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