List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I am too caught up in the aesthetics in life, as you've probably noticed.

2. I’m from Northern Europe, more exact - Norway!

3. I turn 16 in June, really excited for that.

4. I’m learning to like coffee because it’s needed now with lots of exams. Yes, as 15 year-olds we have exams in Norway. Horrible.

5. I tried yoga.. for one day.. and gave up. I really want to get into it though!

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6. My black skinny jeans are my saviors.

7. I have no clue what I want to with my life. I'm so unpredictable, because one day I want to be a journalist, another day a lawyer, photographer, author, architect, editor (this got high up on the list when I realized I could never in a million years make it as an author), graphic designer, etc. If all goes to hell I want to end up as a librarian.

8. I have one weekend every month that I call "1d throwback" where I just straight up only listen to 1d songs.

9. I love when people play with my hair even though nobody ever does it.

10. I ramble a lot but in reality, as a person I suck at talking.

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11. I hate the summer and the winter - it’s either too cold or too warm. I do like autumn and spring though.

12. I’m a night owl, and I barely function in the morning-time. I usually find myself more productive in the night. Last night I honestly came up with a plot for one novel and three other prompts at 4 am!

13. I love rom-coms!

14. I want to move to Britain or New York and have a career there.

15. I’m a sucker for great art but I never get the time to actually go see stuff like that.

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16. I have bad anxiety that also keeps me from going to things.

17. I love it when someone remember small things about me. Like a fact I told them month or even years ago you know?

18. I played soccer, or football if you may - for almost 8 years until my ankle got really hurt.

19. I feel like I can’t be my true self when I’m stuck in this little town where I live.

20. I love raspberry candy, heh.

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