lHey everyone, here's another post in the playlist series.

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This playlist is called 'I wanna make u happy' and its one I originally made for a friend who was upset. Hope you enjoy x

Junk of The Heart (Happy) The Kooks
Bite My Tongue The Academic
Drag Me Down One Direction
Feeling The Vibes High Tyde
Oxygen Catfish And The Bottlemen
Shine On The Kooks
On The Loose Niall Horan
Alive The Hunna
Swings And Waterslides Viola Beach
Always Where I Need To Be The Kooks
josie 👼🏻🌙
josie 👼🏻🌙
this gal also makes me v happy so give her some love please xx

As always you can listen to the playlist here https://open.spotify.com/user/21r7c3bdirj6c5lykjwh7tk4q/playlist/0KuvWwIIt0gR9ncIW9fN3o?si=lYn0Uq-wRm6NPpF92C4GnQ

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Thank you for reading ! I Hope you like the playlist.

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I recently met Niall Horan ! Let me know I I should do a post about that saying my experience and everything x
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